Why KODAK Print Place

Why KODAK Print Place?

The explosion of smartphones and digital photography means that
more and more people are capturing more and more images every day.

Think of the possibilities this could bring to your business.

Here are some fast facts:

Over 1 trillion images

In 2016 over 1 trillion images
will be taken globally *

Over 880 million

Over 880 million coming from mobile devices *

1.8 million

1.8 million images are shared on social media every day

Imagine if just a fraction of these images were printed!
We know customers want to print their memories.
Now you can turn this phenomenon into a business opportunity.

Smartphones and printing is the next big thing:


People are interested in printing from their smartphones,
but many are unsure how to or feel it is too difficult.

Socialisation & digital photo sharing

Smartphones drive socialisation and digital photo sharing
– now they can also be used to print from the phone's image library.

130% Increase

In one year alone there has been a 130% increase in printed photos
using a KODAK photo App that were originally taken on a smartphone.

Let's get your business in the picture!

* Data sourced by InfoTrends, Forrester, and e-Marketer.